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Are you grinding away your Teeth?

by Dr. Sean   Bruxism is the fancy name for grinding, clenching or gnashing the teeth together. Most people who grind their teeth are unaware that they are doing it. Only about 5% of those who grind will seek early treatment. Although some people clench and grind during the day, the majority of
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The 5 Most Effective Ways To Get Whiter Teeth

by Dr. Sean   What makes an attractive, pleasing smile? In answering this question, most people would make some mention of white teeth. Various products and procedures exist improve the colour or ''whiten'' the teeth. When looking to enhance your smile, whitening teeth can be considered quite conservative and offers good value - compared
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The Truth About Root Canals – Treatment, Cost & Pain

by Dr.Sean Overview Toothaches can be extremely debilitating. They can start as a result of: An infection within the tooth An infection involving the gum surrounding a tooth An inflamed tooth that may be related to a large cavity or deep filling Trauma to a tooth And a number of other causes. There are circumstances whereby a filling
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Healthy Teeth for 2014

We would love you to set some goals for your oral health in 2014, and here is a starting point. Resolve to do the following and you should be on your way to a tick of approval from your dentist: 1. BRUSH - The obvious first. Brush for a minimum of
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Welcome to Bay Dental Brighton

Welcome to Bay Dental Brighton. We pride ourselves on providing quality, caring dentistry for you and your family. Located on Bay Street in Brighton Victoria, we offer a full range of dental services including emergency, cosmetic and general dentistry- whilst maintaining a focus on prevention.
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